Souradip Mookerjee


I'm Souradip. I'm currently reading for a PhD and a medical degree as part of the MB/PhD programme at the University of Cambridge.

My research interests are in stem cells, genetic engineering, genomics and deep learning applied to medicine. I've published papers in academic journals. I also write lots of code and get involved with startups.

I started programming when I was about 11, making video games. I helped to set up my school's Linux society, where I fell in love with the FOSS movement and this has stuck with me ever since. I also really enjoyed Maths, and I studied enough material on my own to get three A*s at A-Level just in Maths (alongside studying for my other A-Levels - Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Extended Project).

I arrived in Cambridge in 2013 to study medicine, fulfilling a lifelong dream of mine. I feel grateful to have had the opportunities I have, and I always try to pay this forward. I've been there ever since, having won a grant to fund a PhD in the middle of my medical degree. I've used the opportunity to really explore my interests in exciting new technologies such as stem cells, genomics and genetic engineering, and gain a foundation in independent research.

I hope to combine my love of medicine, computer science and technology to help those that need it the most :)

Think we can work on something together? Drop me a line!

- Souradip