Medical Student. Researcher. Technologist. Entrepreneur.

I'm an MB/PhD student at the University of Cambridge, trying to tackle the big problems in healthcare. 👋🏼

I'm especially interested in stem cells, genomics and deep learning applied to medicine. I also write lots of code and get involved with startups.
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Souradip Mookerjee looking to the left
  • Best talk at Patient Safety Conference

    Royal Society of Medicine, London

    For my work on miniaturising modern machine learning algorithms onto an embedded device to build a passive acoustic elderly person fall detector.

  • Betty Knott Prize for Palliative Care

    School of Clinical Medicine, Cambridge

    I wrote a reflective case report contrasting how we view death and dying in young people versus the elderly.

  • Max A. Barrett Prize for Best Project in Cancer & Genetic Disease

    Department of Pathology, Cambridge

    For my project report on primordial dwarfism and the genetic mechanisms behind it.