Type 2 Diabetes: A Tragedy of the Commons?

12th Jun medicinefeatured

I'd like to describe a few of my own thoughts on how type II diabetes develops. By taking a step back and looking at a "big picture" overview of how this disease starts, perhaps this might help us make sense of it in a way that looking at too small a scale cannot. Maybe this disease is not...

Comparison is the thief of joy: a story of self-improvement

11th Jun lifeself-improvement

This is a quote often attributed to Theodore Roosevelt. During this time in lockdown, I have had a lot of time to mull it over. I've come to the conclusion lately that the only comparisons that we should be making is with ourselves. This has been the key to my quest for self improvement. The more I ...

Arthur Max Barrett: A Cambridge Pathologist

10th Jun medicinecambridge

When I was a third year undergraduate at Cambridge, I did some research during my Part II course in Pathology (looking at the genetic causes of primordial dwarfism). We discovered a new mechanism that a certain gene mutation (in Cenpj, part of the centrosome) causes this form of dwarfism, with impli...

🔗 Modern Day Alchemy: in vitro platelets

9th Jun scienceguest-blog

Originally posted at the NHSBT R&D Blog. What does a baby, the atom bomb and Dolly the Sheep have in common? Stem cells! We all start out life as a single cell, a fertilised egg. Somehow, that cell divides and divides and its progeny form every single one of the approximately 30 trillion cells i...

🔗 International Conference Travel Report - Galveston, TX

7th Feb scienceguest-blog

Originally posted at the British Society for Haematology website. "I had the opportunity to discuss and receive valuable feedback on my work from many different perspectives, which would otherwise have been impossible". I was grateful to receive the BSH Travel Grant to be able to travel t...

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